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While I try to help out whenever I can with many different charities and causes, there are a few that I hold near and dear to my heart. The first is for my wolves. I LOVE wolves! Absolutely and completely love them. I've been working since I was a teenager trying to spread a more positive message about them to those who think they are an evil creature that must be destroyed.

On the contrary they are majestic, beautiful and completely vital to our world.

To support one of the places that works tirelessly for these efforts, please visit the Wolf Education and Research Center. I highly recommend seeing this place and the wolves in person!

If you're closer to the East coast,
check out this awesome WOLF place that Brendan James supports!
And check out his new album The Howl!

My second cause is Water.org. We all need water to survive, and yet we don't all get it. I've joined the cause. I hope you do too. I have "Joined the Team" and will be running a half marathon in June. You don't have to run to help out :P but a $25 donation would give one person water for life. Please visit my member page to learn more: http://team.water.org/member/1604

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