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What People Are Saying…

“Wow it’s the most beautiful music in the world”

“you know what it (MY DREAMS) reminded me of? the ups and downs of life. and the strength to keep moving forward.”

“Fantastic work of art, truly a favorite of mine.”

“This is an excellent musician. The recording of the song was well done. There is a very emotional movement happening in the song. This musician/composer would make a great theatre musician and film score composer.”

“Very nice and soothing…it reminded me of George Winston.”

“Very nice, lets me take my thought into the music and flow with it.”

“I love the piano so it would be hard for me not to adore a great pianist at work. This particular piece (LOST) brings you to new heights. Its beginning is different from the middle which is also different from the end. It constantly changes and brings me to new heights.”

“Beautiful piece…I first heard it in an Amnesia custom story “The Attic”. I literally stopped everything I was doing and just sat there thinking “this is an incredible piece.” It’s not overly complicated, but very pleasing. I’ve shared this video on facebook; I sincerely hope that more people have the opportunity to sample this lovely melody.”

“I rarely listen to songs that include piano, hands down one of my favorite songs ever, thank you for making this!”

“I heard my teacher play this song in class and i dropped everything and started smiling”

“Incredible <3"

“WOW just amazing….now this is what i called a TALENT and PASSION, your music comes from your soul!!! I’m glad i hop in here, no matter it took me 3 years to search the best but at last i did….keep making wonderful tunes like this <3.......i have no option to subscribe to your channel and to follow you on twitter....cuz I'm happy :D"

“I absolutely LOVE your songs! They all have their own story to tell and their own emotions to give them life. Beautiful!”

“You are such a great singer too, keep it up, i sure will keep an eye out for your new tunes”

“Kat, this video is beautiful!! You have a fantastic voice and what a gorgeous song. Lovely work”

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